Ripped off by your SEO company again?

Desperately in need of better Content, Web Page Revisions, Digital Marketing Advice or Video Scripts and Digital Marketing Campaigns?

You’re not alone if you find the new digital world of medicine and health care services confusing, expensive and inefficient. Many Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists, Psychologists and Counsellors are simply too busy helping patients than trying to understand what digital content strategy and healthcare website SEO really means. Sound familiar? You might even expect your busy Practice Manager to be able to do their normal tasks PLUS handle digital marketing and website content as well. It’s not best-practice to let your digital marketing and web content slide into a low priority list. If you do, you’ll find attrition suddenly eating away at your patient or student numbers and your bottom line.

Web Editing: Can’t your practice manager manage the web site?

It’s simply impossible to do everything in the modern digital world. Plus, Google updates – such as the Medic update on 1 August 2018 and further Google algorithm updates in September 2018  – impacted many clinics and health and fitness related businesses. Getting high SERP rankings on Google – getting found – now takes incredible expertise; and making videos without proper advice won’t help. Most Practice Managers simply don’t have the level of expertise in digital marketing to be able to do everything; and even if they did, something would fall through the cracks. That’s where DOCTOR MY WEB and Health Media Marketing talents for doctors, surgeons and health care clinic services come in.

Will videos help improve my search ranking or website traffic?

Videos can improve your digital presence and market standing.

However, they are unlikely to help unless you have professional advice about creation, scripts and distribution.

Can’t you just build a website and they will come?

Field of Dreams concepts fail Doctors, Dentists and Healthcare Workers.
  • Many Doctors, Allied Health Professionals and Academics also make VIDEO videos that will be seen ONLY by family and friends.
  • Or they spend a fortune on a flash-looking website that garners VERY LITTLE if any traffic, yet alone an increase.
  • They essentially waste a lot of valuable energy and resources on ineffective digital methods because they simply do not understand what works and what doesn’t in the modern age of digital information and highly-elevated health and education industry competition standards.

But getting RIPPED off by SEO companies or having out-of-date content doesn’t have to be the case.

Doctor My Web can help.


If you choose your SEO, Digital Marketing Advisor and Content Writing Team carefully, you can avoid the headaches and fruitless expenses of taking the wrong website content route.

  • That’s why we offer DOCTOR MY WEB, by Connie May, MHST.
  • She’s an expert content writer, video director and senior level SEO expert to help you grow your healthcare, medical services or dental practice.

It’s easy to get ripped off repeatedly by large agencies who overload or underpay their SEO staff, or who rely on teams who lack appropriate grammar, language, image selection and linking skills for healthcare or dentistry.

  • Instead of getting frustrated and depressed by making YET ANOTHER SEO company mistake, try Doctor My Web consulting or content writing.
  • Get honest advice from a medical insider who guarantees ethical, honest advice on what will help your website get healthier in order to improve your user experiences and ranking on Google.

New Refreshing Content

If you work in dentistry, beauty, cosmetic medicine, psychology and other healthcare, you know how competitive the market has become.

That’s because large groups and overseas competitors can reach your clients better than you can.

Don’t fall behind – contact Doctor My Web today.

We can help to:

  • Rewrite Content or Redo Web Pages
  • Provide Expert Advice on Video Scripts and other Multi-Media Content or Webinars
  • Help you learn what parts of your website risk your sustainability or growth
  • Assist you with overhauls of your website content to attract more consumer, students or patients

Content rewrites costs

The cost of content writing or new website content writing and page revisions begins at $2200 for a 10 page website / content writing revision.

For ongoing SEO should you choose to aim to improve your Google search page rankings and position, starts at $20,000 a year;  and is overseen by a HealthCare Content Writing and SEO expert with a medical research and plain-language writing background.


Or Call Connie May MHST on +61 421 99 55 22 today.

Plain Language Healthcare Content and Educational Writing for Patients, Doctors, Researchers and Academics

Why us, why now?

Doctor My Web – an Overview.


You know you need your site to be kept up to date. But your staff are overrun with other administrative tasks, and you are too busy looking after other aspects of your medical or dental practice.

We know how to get websites healthier – we know what it takes, and how much effort is needed to apply.  We don’t take on so many clients that we can’t provide a top notch service. And we also understand your business, and how medical or dental information needs to be worded so that a consumer or patient understands the value in choosing you Healthcare Expertise or Dental Clinic.

Want to be seen, heard, found and phoned?

Get your healthcare website back to health.

Hire a professional writer and SEO expert to nurture your website content back to health.

You will need to allow at least 12 to 18 months of dedicated work if you want your site to function as a first place contender in the competitive health care field.

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