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  • Are your readership levels way below where you’d like to see them?
  • Are your self-published books still under your bed — or taking up car space in your garage?
  • Do you lack the client growth you’re looking for?
  • Or is your business growth stagnant or declining?
  • Are you feeling ‘lost in the cloud’ as a sole proprietor or writer?
  • Are your books and client offerings rarely seen, heard, read or purchased?

If this is what you’re facing, you’re certainly not alone.

It’s a rapidly changing world in the digital landscape at the moment.

And it’s not expected to get simpler over time – just more and more competitive.

And getting found, seen, read, heard or bought gets harder by the day.

So you have to be strategic. You have to put your marketing energies and public relations funds where they will have the greatest impact. And that’s our speciality. Helping YOU feel less confused, more empowered, and strategically aligned with your client/audience growth objectives.

In simple terms, we position you as an expert and we help you get found — but we are very selective about who we help.

Why is digital marketing so difficult to get ‘right’? 

The simple reason is that digital marketing is truly an advanced skill set in 2023.

So don’t believe anyone who tells you digital marketing in the modern era is easy. Or that there’s a simple formula that you can follow to win.  It’s not easy. And there isn’t a simple formula for such a complex environment.

In fact, online marketing skills are now at the “Phd skill set” level. Not everyone has the time, inclination or capacity to know what to do to get found on the web. And what to do will vary depending on your goals, your existing digital profile, your website, and your funds.

Too many sole proprietors, thought-leaders and authors feel confused about how to best increase their audience levels (whether that’s an audience of book readers or business clients). That’s where the boutique-style content marketing team at DoctorMyWeb comes in.

We teach you the essence of good marketing, from the foundations up, and how to win in the modern era of competition. We teach you not to take anything for granted, and how to leverage your resources for the greatest impact. And we make marketing fun.

Getting eyeballs on your brand

We can help you grow your readership and client reach with practical, modern marketing strategies. 

Our experts specialise in helping Authors, independent book publishers, healthcare professionals, psychologists and other sole proprietorships gain the customers — and audiences — they need.

If you’re feeling lost in the cloud and confused about what to do, we can help you to:

  • understand what DOES and DOESN’T work when trying to get more readers or online sales
  • avoid wasting money on ineffective marketing campaigns
  • grow to know that writing or publishing your own book(s), songs or training videos was well worth doing so
  • expand your market reach, book readers, and overall business sustainability
  • leave a larger legacy

How we do this:

First, you spend 1 to 3 hours learning the basics of modern marketing (competition for eyes on books and brands) in our online marketing course.

It’s simple to use, entertaining to complete, and will arm you with the foundational knowledge of what’s involved with online marketing in modern times.

Then it’s up to you — to decide if you want to delve deeper, and take the advanced course — or ask for more support directly from our team of caring experts.

Options include the following.

  • After you take the foundational course, there’s a deeper course that helps you to formulate a plan targeted to your industry — an inexpensive option
  • There are ad hoc options too — marketing support and branding questions answered on the fly (when you need it most) — moderately priced
  • And there’s high-level support by our experts for Authors and Thought Leaders losing ground (or those who have never gained the global traction, and audience attraction, they sought) – for selected clients only

We can help you formulate a plan that you can follow through with, and we start with the foundations.

We can get you started on taking control of your own marketing, armed with foundational knowledge from one of our Digital Marketing Basics courses (industry-tailored).

Through a combination of easy-to-understand online training courses tailored to your industry, customised marketing plan support (ad hoc), and public relations expertise for your publications or online courses, we can help you achieve your goals — or dreams — and even, for some, inspire you to start working on your sequels.

Our passion is helping to end the confusion and turmoil that sole proprietors, authors, and business coaches feel about being lost in the digital cloud.

We help small business owners UNDERSTAND WHY they never get found on the web (or anywhere else), and what needs to be done to change that outcome to a positive result.

  • But our services are specialised and targeted to people doing good in the world
  • We specialise in helping thought-leaders, authors, psychologists, counsellors, doctors, coaches and others who are doing ‘good things for other people in the world’.

If you fit this criterion, we can help you:

  • Grow your audience and readers
  • Increase your client base
  • Attract more Sponsors or Speaking engagements
  • Increase your sustainability and longevity as a book writer, business venture, medical practitioner, or charity group

In technical terms?

We offer content marketing training and strategies for business-savvy Authors, Philanthropists, and CEOs who would appreciate expanding their audience reach — and Google search placements.

We first help you understand the game — the current state of play — through our easy-to-understand marketing courses.

After you take our introductory course and want further assistance — or if you feel you need digital-hand-holding from the very start — we offer special packages of customised marketing and professional branding support.

We can help you:

  • gain more readers and/or speaking engagements
  • become globally recognised as an expert in your field of knowledge
  • enjoy the status of becoming the ‘go to’ person for media commentary
  • increase your website traffic and content visits so your good efforts aren’t left sitting on the shelf (and your good books aren’t left collecting dust mites under your bed)

Helping Thought-Leaders, Authors and CEOs improve their digital content and audience reach. 

  • Our key offerings are (1) Digital Marketing Training (Search Support Savvy), (2) Thought Leader Public Relations (Book Marketing and Public Relations); and (3) Online Training Course Marketing support.
  • We are NOT a web design firm. Too many sole proprietors waste thousands of dollars on websites that will NEVER get seen. Never get found in searches. And never get purchased from.

We are digital content marketing experts and global trainers that help thought leaders (and their publications or video courses) to get FOUND, SEEN, HEARD, READ, and/or PURCHASED.

Are there too many self-published books in the garage…or under your bed?

Ask our Author/Thought Leader Public Relations Team and Training Course Marketing experts on +61… 421… 99… 55… 22 if:

  • You need more eyeballs on your brand or books
  • You want to expand your audience or sell more books
  • You want to move your website from a stagnant “never found” site to a site that ranks highly in searches on the internet

Digital Marketing & Public Relations Services (ad hoc or under contract)

For authors, businesses, and organisations that aim to ‘do good’ in the world, we offer strategic content and blog writing for increased traffic to your website or book sales pages, book marketing, Author Public Relations, ghostwriting/book collaborations, media releases/public relations, and digital publishing/digital marketing support.

With the experts from DoctorMyWeb, you’ll learn how to:

  • Distribute your books and video messages to a much broader audience around the globe
  • Translate your expertise into usable digital formats – digital courses / digital course marketing
  • Increase video views, channel subscribers, blog readers and website traffic
  • Enhance your social-conscience reputation by contributing to trending projects and sustainability initiatives
  • Learn the nuances of targeted digital communications
  • Adapt to the speed with which digital marketing changes on a daily basis

We also connect business owners and NGOs with local musicians and global creative artists, to bring together ‘art and science’ for branding, video soundtracks, and promotional script-writing

Plus, our signature program is the CEO-SEO eLearning program to help business owners and marketing assistants better understand what’s required to meet your lead generation and website traffic objectives.

Our lead writer, Connie, is a digital marketing expert with a background in multi-channel communications.

Her focus areas for content writing and website content management include:

  • Online course designs and digital course marketing
  • Research translation and evidence-based article writing
  • Social media engagement strategies
  • Digital Communications and Author Public relations (PR)
  • Research distribution
  • Digital publishing and book promotions
  • Personnel training in digital marketing, SEO and social media engagement
  • Cross-platform content distribution 
  • Organizational change management and branding

She teaches CEOs how to understand SEO and avoid getting ripped off by unscrupulous agencies including web designers. 

Her promise is to help people understand what SEO is, and what it isn’t…and how to avoid getting ripped off — again! 

Digital Training Course Development and Web Content Editing (Website Updates)

Instructional Designer | e-Book Publishers | Wordpress training courses | Social Media & Video Consulting | Branding Support | CEO-SEO training and content writing for Specialists and Business Owners

  • Most websites become outdated, unfindable, or unhealthy over time
  • Some websites simply start off as a bit of a mess, that business owners never get around to fixing
  • Far too many business owners get ripped off by unscrupulous web designers and dodgy SEO agencies
  • Worse yet, most business owners waste a lot of money on agencies who rarely deliver what they promise

And the main reason is that most business owners are busy working in, or on, their businesses.

They don’t really understand how to rank on Google, organically OR with paid ads.

If you’re like most Authors, CEOs or business proprietors, you are likely too embarrassed to admit you don’t really understand the foundations of digital marketing in 2021; yet alone advanced topics such as SEO, social media engagement, content marketing, automation/funnels, and blog writing strategies.

You may have tried advertising — or spent thousand on an SEO company or web design firm — but did not get results. You’re business could even be on the verge of collapsing, or you have too many unread self-published books under your bed.

We help you understand what went wrong, and how to avoid repeating the same errors. We help you learn HOW to get seen, found, read and heard. And we can directly help you expand your audience if you embrace the next level of support we offer. But mostly, we want to help end your confusion about what digital marketing is — and what it takes to succeed. Including why so many fail.

And how to avoid the prospect of falling into oblivion simply because you have little-to-no idea of how to effectively market yourself as an Author, thought leader, medical professional or coach.

We love helping businesses, authors and clinics owned by business-savvy — but digitally-uncertain — professionals.

You should take our digital marketing foundations course if:

  • YOU feel you have been taken advantage of by an unscrupulous or high-fee SEO agency
  • YOU spent a fortune on a website that never gets seen
  • YOUR ads aren’t working as they should be – lead generation is slipping or non-existent
  • YOU are invisible on the web or have recently lost traction
  • YOU want to ensure what you are offering gets FOUND, SEEN, READ, HEARD or PURCHASED

With digital marketing now a PhD level skill set in 2024, not anyone can write content for your business. Not everyone knows how to direct your marketing resources in the best direction for sustainable growth. 

You need someone who knows how to build organic traffic AND who really understands your audience, your services, your voice and brand. You need the digital communications strategists at DoctorMyWeb.

(c) 2020-2023 All rights reserved by DoctorMyWeb

At doctormyweb, we are very selective about who we work with, and who we help. Thought-leaders, scientists/medical researchers, and healthcare providers are encouraged to connect with us for assistance creating and/or promoting their books, educational videos, online courses, small-group workshops, and other ‘do the world good’ products.

Our experts are in demand. While our online courses are open to anyone who wants to invest the time and purchase price to complete them; our public relations and personalised book marketing services are on a selective basis only.

We ONLY work with people who do the right thing — by their clients and by the world.  We only help people, authors, entertainers and business owners keen to make the world a better place; and who aim to do so in a sustainable, innovative, service-excellence, and quality-caring approach.

Do you need a professional content writer and ethical SEO website consultant?

  • Getting help with professional content writing and blogging makes sense.
  • That’s because very few CEOs know how to fix their website problems, and many fail to grasp the many nuances of content SEO.
  • Ranking a website on search engines is a major component of success.
  • Especially if you care about your digital footprint, ranking position, website leads, and search engine visibility
  • Improving your page ranking and business find-ability, otherwise called ‘organic SEO’ vs paid advertising

And if you specifically want a female-led business for learning the ropes of digital marketing, content writing, SEO and blogging? If yes, can help.

If your website is not being found in searches? If your online content is not getting seen, watched, or read?

If you’re website content is failing to generate new leads due to being boring, long out-dated, and/or too slow to load….

The answer is YES.  You need an expert digital marketing content writer. A Senior SEO consultant who understands your clients, your business, and YOU. Who can teach you the basics AND fill in your traffic gaps.  

To survive in today’s globally competitive markets, you need to get your content right.

This includes your SEO, your organic page content, blog topics, images, photos and videos — absolutely right. You can’t afford to get your website wrong in today’s competitive market.

So it makes sense to hire an expert, but to be careful who you hire, and to learn – before you hire – what it is you’re asking them to achieve.  To understand it’s not a ‘plug and play’ approach but that creating a website that thrives — a healthy digital presence — requires ongoing attention and drive.

Digital, web-based marketing is an investment that CAN pay off if you do it correctly. But digital marketing can also sink your business if you ignore it, or get it wrong.

Doctor My Web can help you:

  • Understand what organic content actually is — and what it means to hire someone to do it for you
  • What to look for in a content writer or SEO agent
  • Ways to keep your website content and blogs updated, relevant, and ranking
  • Train marketing personnel and social media managers to make basic edits in WordPress websites
  • Understand security and password protection, to help prevent common website disasters, scams, and ‘hijacked’ websites
  • Train your personnel to create and run better social media posts and campaigns
  • Create and run digital marketing promotions and public relations campaigns

Our key focus is to train CEOs, managers, artists, writers, and employees to:

  • Develop social-media-savvy mindsets
  • Understand what a digital-savvy business plan looks like
  • How to upskill personnel to perform important digital marketing roles
  • Learn the secrets of highly-ranking domains and blogs
  • Understand where digital marketing resources (financial, personnel, mixed-media) are best applied
  • Focus on the right digital channels, apps and platforms for their industry  

In summary, we help you learn to promote your books and to protect yourself, and your business offerings, from increasing competition. AND avoid those unscrupulous SEO agencies and overpriced website designers.

The solution to being ripped off by SEO companies or web designers?

The answer is two-fold. 

  • First, get professional advice from an ethical consultant
    • It must be someone who understands your industry including your clients and your key competitors
    • Or it must be someone with a proven understanding of your buyer’s mindset (your key consumers) 
  • Second, train yourself — and your front-line personnel —  to make basic WordPress edits
    • Essentially, you’ll learn how to avoid dodgy agencies who prey on digital naivety
    • You’ll learn how to save on website maintenance fees
    • You’ll be able to make basic updates without relying on expensive agency rates or ‘grammar-poor’ writers

Yet the main ingredient needed to protect yourself, your business sustainability, and your finances, is knowledge. This is where the Website Savvy and CEO-SEO courses come in.  You need to have at least a basic understanding of digital marketing and SEO, to avoid becoming prey.

The first step is to complete our online Digital Marketing Basics course.

You can then choose to participate in a 2-part, brief introductory web-savvy CEO-SEO course (offered once a quarter) or get digital marketing hand-holding support for your website and book promotions. 

Phone me using the number listed on the contact pages of this website.

Tired of not getting any traction on your website? Or having content that is outdated and very rarely seen or read?

  • You need to first understand what’s wrong – and that means learning the foundations of digital marketing
  • Then, you will need a talented content doctor/website content writer, SEO expert or WordPress editor
  • This includes an SEO and digital marketing expert to help train your administrative staff to make basic edits and basic SEO improvements. 

If you don’t have these teams on hand — or they are a bit ‘under-trained and underperforming in terms of getting your website content found or your books bought and read — then you need is a female-led, compassionate, ethical content writing/SEO consultancy business. 

  • From online training courses to SEO and content management training for your teams, we can help you get your website back on track.
  • We are focused on businesses or marketing run or managed by female CEOs but we are inclusive and can help a variety of do-good business owners with a high standard for service delivery excellence and/or innovative products they are moving into larger markets.


Ranking your site(s) is both a science and an art. Getting ranked, and getting your website found in searches is technically known as SEO skills or SEM skills.

And getting ranked requires expert content management and savvy SEO.

Our guarantee:

  • Ethical, honest advice and reasonable pricing
  • Helping you better understand what MAY helps websites get more traction (trustworthy content, top-ranking articles or blogs)
  • Showing you what type of content can help you convert visitors to paying clients (conversion ratio improvements)
  • Basic training in SEO for your WordPress editing teams/administrators and staff/bloggers
  • Advanced knowledge of organic and paid rankings on Google search engines AND helping you understand which directories you need to focus on
  • Social media advertising consulting – advertising expenses and Dos and Don’ts 
  • better ranking over time if you have a fast, modern website (simplified, not expensive) that you devote adequate resources into keeping up to date, fast loading and distributed with strategic care

Content Writing and Blogs: New Refreshing Content focused on your CLIENTS

  • Missing CLIENTS your business relies on? If you work in education and training, dentistry, beauty, cosmetic medicine, psychology and other healthcare, you already know how COMPETITIVE the market has become.
  • That’s because large groups and overseas competitors are investing heavily in digital marketing.
  • These groups are actively luring your clients away.
  • Unless you combat their efforts with creative marketing approaches and strategic engagement plans, you’re going to lose clients and business to global competitors and more marketing-savvy local ones.

Don’t fall behind – contact Doctor My Web today.

Direct SEO and content writing costs a lot! Are there other options to get found?

  • The reason good content writing and SEO is so expensive is that it’s labour-intensive and an ongoing task.
  • However, you can rely on Adwords and advertising expenses alone.
  • These are also crucially important in your early website publishing and content distribution time frames.
  • It’s also less expensive to train your tech-savvy staff to make edits, which is an option for some companies.
  • Your chosen Admin/Editor MUST be:
    • tech-savvy AND
    • have taken the proper online training courses
    • including website editing and SEO training
    • before they embark on 1:1 training (ask us about the online courses or onsite group training)
  • Contact us for online courses and WordPress/SEO and content writing training details.
Or Call  0…42…1 …99… 55….22 today.

Get your healthcare website back to health. Call today before your business dwindles further and any web traffic you DO get, you lose.
  • Get yourself (as CEO or Author) and your direct Administrative teams trained in digital marketing using our online courses
  • Consider hiring a professional content writer and SEO expert from DoctorMyWeb to nurture your website content or professional reputation — back to healthy visibility on web searches 
  • You will need to allow at least 12 to 18 months of dedicated work if you want your site to function as a first-place contender in the competitive healthcare field. 
  • If you have a larger advertising budget we can help you do this much faster, but that’s a realistic time frame to reach a global level of getting found.