Most website’s are unhealthy — and nearly every website needs a talented content doctor (DoctorMyWeb).

Everyone needs a website, and every website needs an experienced content writer.

But not every content manager (content writer) get you seen, heard or read…and found — or ranked — on Google.

  • How do you get your website to rank at the top search results pages?
  • Ranking organically is an alternative to paying bid rates for advertising.  But ranking organically — known as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation — is a sophisticated skill site in today’s digital economy.

Ranking your site(s) is both a science and an art. These are known as SEO or SEM skills.

And your website competition is heating up on a daily basis. From 1,000s to 100,000 of new websites are continually being created — or updated with current content — in your industry. All competing for the ranking prize and keyword prioritisation.  All competing for Google rankings in the same industries and your areas of expertise.

Why isn’t my site getting found on Google searches?

  • The bottom line in today’s website ranking competition is that ranking your site, organically, is more challenging than ever.
  • And Google Adwords costs are increasing drastically, on a daily basis, in response.

So what’s the solution to why your site is not getting found on Google?

  • Today, you are most likely to need to pay for ads; as well as work on your organic ranking.
  • But it’s not an inexpensive or overnight job.

First, if you choose the wrong ads, or fail to set up your adwords correctly, you’ll spend a fortune for useless clicks on your ads (dud leads who are looking for something entirely different to what you’re advertising, but you forgot to set the ‘negative’ Adwords criteria — or perhaps you went too broad on advertising keywords).

It also takes expert content writing, the right images, and lots of effort to rank organically, including on blogs.

It takes industry knowledge and competitor analysis, as well as serious S.W.O.T. discussions. It takes strategy and grunt.

That’s where expert content writers, who are also SEO experts and familiar with your industry, can really help you get your website back to health.

The first place to start is with a content writing plan and blog publishing plan that has built-in seo, so that your pages and services get seen.

It’s more than keywords; you’ll also need a distribution plan. And it’s not as simple as some believe. That’s because in our digital world, you’re competing with 100,000 other websites wanting the same position — if not more. And chances are they do the same things you do, or use the same terms.  Google also changes its algorithms hundreds if not thousands of times a year. That means that what worked one day, or week, or month, needs to be constantly adjusted.

So what has your website stand out? Can you get seen, or should you just spend money on adwords?  The answer is, these are complex questions.

You probably actually need to invest in both your ad words/ad campaigns with Google; plus organic rankings.  Balance is key.

If you post no Google ads, you’ll miss out on a lot of business. If you have no organic ranking credentials, you’ll also miss out on that traffic. In today’s competitive environment, you need both organic cred and adword campaigns to succeed.

In today’s superbly competitive environment, you need both.

You need Doctor My Web content writing expertise with SEO.

Ripped off by your SEO company again? Or is your content looking dated?

It’s easy to have a dated website today. That’s why you should never spend a fortune on a website. It’s the page load speed (how quickly your site loads on the web browser), hostin, e.g. the quality/stability of the server (mothership computer) that has your web pages stored and accessible to the public, and your web content that’s important, along with SEO.

SEO is essentially Search Engine Optimisation (hence, S.E.O). It’s part of digital marketing, which has become a core – and sometimes expensive and confusing – business function that every person, sector and industry needs (with one exception: someone so famous for what they do, everyone knows WHO they are and HOW to reach them – usually through their agent or LinkedIn account).

Definition of SEO: 

SEO Definition: Search Engine Optimisation (or “SEO”) means website schema techniques and website content strategies that allow search engines to find your site, based on how you index (list or upload) your offerings including using keywords, tags, videos, photography, headers and alt tags. SEO abilities are some of the most sought after skills in digital marketing today. Popular search engines, such as Google, examine over 200 different signals on websites during ‘crawls’ — signals of the quality and relevance of the content in terms of what users (browsers) are seeking. Google very frequently updates its algorithms to give search engine users exactly what they’re seeking to find online. Read the blog “What does seo mean?” 

Frequent algorithm updates by Google and other search engines means this:

  • One day your website could be ranking very well, e.g. found in the top 1-4 spots with or without adwords during a keyword or key phrase search 
  • The next day you’ll be on page 2 or page 31 — or nowhere to be found, and these are actually about the same (page 2 is better than page 31, so long as you continue to move into a top level first page position — but overall, most neglected websites get less than 10 to 25 visits per week, if that).
  • If you’re not on page 1 of a Google search, your website is generally irrelevant — unless you’re extremely good at directing traffic to your website through other marketing channels (e.g. not a search engine but another method of engaging potential clients to visit your site).

So SEO is ANYTHING but simple…it’s a complex array of different content writing and back-end website techniques including relying on a fast page load speed, properly named file images and video links, and content deemed worthy of being shown in a search result.  

In fact, most websites and website owners have NO idea what SEO is, or who to hire. So many have gotten ripped off by dodgy agencies with slick salespeople who then pass along the work to overloaded teams, most working in offshore offices in varying conditions. Don’t let that be you! But that noted, SEO takes time (read my article: How long does SEO take to show effect? and Why isn’t my website on the first page of google yet?)

Firstly, SEO takes time, and a lot of effort. An analogy I heard at a recent SEO expert gathering, that most clients understand, is that SEO is like drilling holes in a large dam wall. Each thing you do releases a bit of that dam water behind the wall, but it takes a lot of drilling – strategically – and a lot of time – to get the water (website visitors) to flow. But if you’re consistent and persistent, and hire good help, you have a shot at being on the first page. That notes, not cheaply, because you and every other business in the world that you’re competing with, wants to be there too! And some of those businesses are spending a LOT more (millions more) to get there. So a bit of cash towards SEO is unlikely to help; but a strategic plan consistently executed will have effect, if done properly and with excellent page load speeds and content.


What makes great website content? Does content help conversion rates?

Content is an art and a science. If you have one person doing content, and another your SEO, it won’t be as good if your content writer is also an SEO expert who ALSO knows you, and your business, very well.

The trouble with most website content is that it’s outdated, boring, and all about the company – nothing about the client. Remember, marketing today is about EXPERIENCES not about sales pitches.

Is your website currently all about you, and too little about your clients? Does it have the RIGHT content in the right places, with the right ALT tags, photos, file names, video links and blogs? Or is it failing to be found at all, yet alone anywhere near the first few pages of Google? If you answer YES to any of these questions, you’re certainly not alone. Over 80% of business have outdated websites they spent far too much creating with an agency, and far too little making it work.

Digital Content counts….you need two things: Traffic and Conversions (meaning – visitors who then want to become your client, patient, buyer or customer).

Do I need to hire a content writer?

Are you in need of fresher, better CONTENT writing, web page revisions and new blogs? Do you want an insider to give you honest SEO advice and evidence-based digital marketing strategies? Or perhaps you need effective, brief Video Scripts and integrated digital Marketing Campaigns? If so, you’re not alone, and you should connect with us by emailing Connie May MHST at or phoning +61421995522. (We can serve companies in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the UK with content writing, blogs, video scripts/video production and SEO).

You’re not alone if you find the new world of digital marketing and SEO for medicine and health care services confusing, expensive and inefficient. Everyone’s been ripped off and everyone’s confused and frustrated.

At Doctor My  Web, founded by Connie May MHST (a health writer/researcher and program lead for This Way In To Music), we help a select group of clients get more clients, consumers, patients or followers, including book readers or blog and video channel subscribers.

Why there’s a need for DOCTOR MY WEB (part of Health Media Marketing).

Many CEOs, Academics, SMEs, Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists, Psychologists and Counsellors are simply too busy helping patients than trying to understand what digital content strategy and healthcare website SEO actually means.

Sound familiar? You might even expect your busy Personal Assistant or Practice Manager to be able to do their normal tasks PLUS handle digital marketing and website content as well. Those days, sadly, are long gone.

It’s simply against best-practice to let digital marketing and web content updates slide into the low priority lists in today’s fiercely competitive market. Every other business is working to lure your customer away, and if you fail on digital engagement and website conversions, you’ll soon see your bottom line plummeting and find yourself in financial distress.

If you let your digital content become outdated or slow to load; and if you fail to update your conversion materials to turn prospects into paying clients, you’ll also find client attrition suddenly eating away at your student numbers, patient numbers, income streams and your bottom line.

Web Editing: Can’t your graphics team or practice manager manage your entire web site and social media to boot?

Not typically. The big companies have at least 5 staff dedicated solely to social media channels, plus large marketing teams conducting ad campaigns from every possible angle.

For small to medium-sized businesses, it’s simply impossible for your team to do everything that is needed in the modern digital world.

Plus, Google updates – such as the Medic update on 1 August 2018 and further Google algorithm updates in September 2018  – and more to come in 2019 – impacted many clinics, nutritionists, lifestyle businesses and other health and fitness sectors. Getting high SERP rankings on Google – getting found – now takes incredible expertise; and making videos without proper advice won’t help. Most Practice Managers simply don’t have the level of expertise in digital marketing to be able to do everything; and even if they did, something would fall through the cracks. That’s where DOCTOR MY WEB and Health Media Marketing talents for doctors, surgeons and health care clinic services come in.

Will videos help improve my search ranking or website traffic?

Videos are absolutely necessary in today’s digital marketing and globally competitive markets.

Search engines rank sites with videos a lot higher than those without (but ONLY if your site is FAST to load).

So yes, a video can improve your digital presence and market standing. But only a good one. Plus, videos are likely to be a waste of resources unless you seek professional advice about their creation, scripts, filming, branding and distribution. With most company videos getting less than 100 views, they are rarely worth it unless they are PROPERLY concepted and prepared. Without distribution, they’ll just sit there…along with the millions of other videos being uploaded on a daily basis.

Can’t you just build a great website, and the clients will come?

Isn’t that enough to get on the first page of Google or other search engines?

  • Think about what being on the first page of Google means. To Google, it means millions of dollars in advertising income.
  • To businesses, it’s the make-or-break position. So EVERYONE wants to be there.
  • What makes YOUR site unique enough to fit the mold? To get a listing? Or a featured snippet?
  • Plus, organic traffic is changing drastically in 2019. It’s not at all as achievable as it once was, with MEDIC UPDATES and other algorithm changes wreaking havoc on medical, education and lifestyle website rankings.

To be seen – and acted upon – in today’s market – is an art, and a science.

Evidence-based approaches are a must, but you must be prepared to invest properly or you’ll fail. It’s not an add on business function – it’s one of the CORE business functions.

Without getting your content and digital marketing right, the other core business functions won’t have funds to rely on; you might as well pack up and go home.

Field of Dreams concepts fail Doctors, Dentists and Healthcare Workers
  • In everyone’s DREAMS they are the cleverest, most talented and most experienced person for clients to want to choose their service offers or products.
  • In everyone’s current REALITY, clients and consumers have SO many choices, unless you can ATTRACT them, CONVERT them and RETAIN them, you’ll find your business income dwindling down to barely sustainable…or less so.

Again, you MUST invest – time, expertise, knowledge, creative approaches, branding consistency and distribution of quality digital assets (blogs, pages, books, e-newsletters, videos, mixed-media messaging, and media releases).

Engaging clients or consumers today is all about communication.  Not sales tactics, more online interactions that provide value and solidify your brand as a top choice / front of mind. 

  • Many Authors, Educational Institutes, Dentists, Doctors, Allied Health Professionals and Academics also make VIDEO videos that will be seen ONLY by family and friends.
  • Or they spend a fortune on a flash-looking website that garners VERY LITTLE if any traffic, yet alone an increase.
  • They essentially waste a lot of valuable energy and resources on ineffective digital methods because they simply do not understand what works and what doesn’t in the modern age of digital information and highly-elevated health and education industry competition standards.

But getting RIPPED off by SEO companies or having out-of-date content doesn’t have to be the case.

It’s easy to get ripped off repeatedly by large agencies who overload or underpay their SEO staff, or who rely on teams who lack appropriate grammar, language, image selection and linking skills for healthcare or dentistry.

  • Instead of getting frustrated and depressed by making YET ANOTHER SEO company mistake, try Doctor My Web consulting and content writing
  • Get honest advice from a medical marketing and education marketing insider

Doctor My Web can help you find and hire professional content writers. We can also help you avoid the SEO Agency Rip Off Contracts, or expensive-to-build websites that nobody ever sees.


If you choose your SEO, Digital Marketing Advisor and Content Writing Team carefully, you can avoid the headaches and fruitless expenses of taking the wrong route for website content writing. SO call us today on 0421995522 for high-quality content writing (valuable content) and honest, expert level SEO (optional for select industries only).

  • DOCTOR MY WEB is led by Connie May, MHST, an expert content writer and blogger (ghost blogger for numerous professionals)
  • She’s an expert digital marketing strategist and hands-on website content writer, video director and senior level SEO expert
  • She can help you solidify your digital marketing approaches to help you grow your education services, workshops, book sales and healthcare, medical services or dental practice businesses

She guarantees:

  • ethical, honest advice on what CAN help your website get healthier to help improve your professional profile (credibility and trust)
  • advice to improve your user experiences (web visitor experiences or Ux)
  • improved conversions (turning visitors into enquiries and clients)
  • improvements in your organic and paid rankings on Google search engines or in directories where you’re listed as an expert
  • better ranking over time if you have a fast, modern website (simplified, not expensive) that you devote adequate resources into keeping up to date, fast loading and distributed with strategic care

Content Writing and Blogs: New Refreshing Content focused on your CLIENTS

Missing CLIENTS your business relies on? If you work in education and training, dentistry, beauty, cosmetic medicine, psychology and other healthcare, you already know how COMPETITIVE the market has become. That’s because large groups and overseas competitors are investing heavily in digital marketing. These groups are actively luring your clients away. Unless you combat their efforts with creative marketing approaches, and strategic engagement plans, you’re going to lose clients and business to global competitors and more marketing-savvy local ones.

Don’t fall behind – contact Doctor My Web today.


How much does website content writing cost?

The cost of content writing or new website content writing and page revisions begins at $2,600 AUD excluding GST for a unique 5 to 8 page website / content writing revision, or $170 AUD per blog (or a blog-writing discount package of 4 blogs over 4-6 weeks, which costs $560 AUD excluding GST); paid in advance.

For ongoing SEO should you choose to aim to improve your Google search page rankings and position, starts at $20,000 a year;  and is overseen by a HealthCare Content Writing and SEO expert with a medical research and plain-language writing background.


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