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Most websites become outdated, unfindable or unhealthy over time.  And far too many small to medium-sized businesses get repeatedly ripped off by unscrupulous web designers. Or dodgy SEO agencies. Or worse yet, by both.

Especially businesses owned by less digital-savvy CEOs. 

So do you need a professional content writer and ethical website consultant?

  • Getting help with professional content writing and blogging makes sense because few CEOs and teams know how to fix their website problems.
  • Especially if you care about your digital footprint, ranking position, website leads and search engine visibility (your SEO / find-ability). 

Do you want a female-led business option for learning the ropes of digital marketing, content writing, SEO and blogging? If so, can help.

If your website is not being found in searches…. If your online content is not getting read….If you’re website content is failing to generate new leads due to being boring, dated or slow to load….

The answer is — YES — you need an expert content writer & senior SEO consultant. 

To survive in today’s globally-competitive markets, you need to get your content — including your SEO and photos — absolutely right.

Doctor My Web can help you:

  • update your website content and blogs
  • train your personnel to make basic edits in WordPress websites
  • understand security and password protection to prevent common website disasters
  • train your personnel to run good social media campaigns and digital marketing promotions
  • train CEOs, managers and employees to
    • develop social-media-savvy mindsets and digital savvy
    • move into digital marketing roles
    • learn the secrets of highly-ranking domains
    • understand where resources are best spent in the digital marketing sector
    • protect you, and your business, from unscrupulous SEO agencies and web designers

Saving you money and time, and helping to reducing your client attrition to a competitor’s site. Helping you sustain your business income in an ever-changing world.

A world that is increasingly competitive, technically complex, and digitally-biased.

No one likes getting ripped off by SEO companies, website designers or content writers who fail to understand optimisation.

The solution to being ripped off by SEO companies or web designers? Its two-fold. 

  • First, get professional advice from an ethical consultant
    • It must be someone who understands your industry (including competitors)
    • Or has a solid understanding of your buyer’s mindset
  • Second, train yourself — and your key personnel —  to make basic WordPress edits
    • Essentially, you’ll learn how to avoid dodgy agencies who prey on digital naivety
    • And you’ll learn how to save on website maintenance fees

You need a talented content doctor/website content writer, SEO expert and WordPress editing trainer to help train your administrative staff to make basic edits and basic SEO improvements.  You need doctor my web. 

  • is a female-led, compassionate and ethical content writing/SEO consultancy business. 
  • From online training courses to SEO and content management training for your teams, we can help you get your website back on track.

Do I need to design an entirely new website in 2020?

Or can my business succeed with simply refreshing it’s content and layouts?

  • The answer is that it depends on what you already have on your website, and how it’s functioning for you.
    • Your site needs to be streamlined and fast to load.
    • It needs to be optimised, and user-focused.
    • If you haven’t worked on your website or rebranding efforts in the past 2 to 4 years, YES, you’ll definitely need some help.
  • But whatever you do, don’t blow a fortune on website designs that will never get found.

Is website content or web design the most important aspect of ranking on Google?

Good content is both king and queen in the digital platform world.

But Google looks at content and speed, first, and everything else, second.  Or not at all.  Yes, you need multimedia. Yes, the site should look professional.

But you need speed above all else, and keywords in the right places, and proper SEO (which is a sophisticated art and science best performed by experts).

Everyone business, every professional, needs their own website.

People spend a fortune building expensive, beautiful-looking websites. Sadly, the majority will never be seen, found or read.

But not any content format or web design will work.

Why?  Because web designers know very little, if anything, about optimising websites to get found in Google searches (known as “SEO” or search engine optimisation”). It’s a very different skill set.

  • Business owners often spend tremendous resources on their website designs
  • They fail to realise its actually the content, page load speed and catch phrases that will gain them clients
  • Not to mention website designs become outdated in less than 18 months, on average

Net result? Huge investments in web design won’t pay off in 2020 — unless its about speed and content combined.

But your content can and will help bring traffic and convert leads, if:

  • You devote your resources towards improving your offers and user experiences (Ux)
  • You follow a marketing distribution plan that enables brand awareness, audience building and sales leads/sales

Sure, the appearance of your website design counts.

  • But beautiful, yet unseen, websites are a waste of everybody’s precious time and money
  • They’ll sink a small business in no time as all the marketing funds are spent on a website that never gets found, seen or read
  • You need to focus on the right SEO and content, blogging, and getting your photos right.

Hosting is also crucial; web page load speeds are paramount. Slow sites will never rank on Google, and clients will click off rather than wait.

Every website needs an experienced content writer.

But not every content manager (content writer) get you seen, heard or read…and found — or ranked — on Google.

  • How do you get your website to rank at the top search results pages?
  • Ranking organically is an alternative to paying bid rates for advertising. 
  • But ranking organically — known as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation — is a sophisticated skill site in today’s digital economy.
  • Even the best content writers know that in today’s market, you’ll likely also need to budget in advertising costs for Google Adwords and other mediums, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or automated funnel-marketing systems (which are waning in their email open rates, primarily due to overuse and email-flooding in the market).


Ranking your site(s) is both a science and an art. Getting ranked, getting your website found in searches, is technically known as SEO skills or SEM skills.

And getting ranked requires expert content management and savvy SEO.

Fact: website competition is heating up on a daily basis as the number of new websites grows daily.

All competing for Google rankings in the same industries and your areas of expertise.

  • This means you need to keep up with your competition, and
  • You’ll need to factor in the costs of using AdWords and other social media platform advertising
  • Which means you need to factor in extra operational expenses into your marketing and advertising budgets
  • Your employees will also need training in WordPress editing and basic SEO
  • Ask me about online training options and e-Books that offer simple tips for SEO and WordPress editing / website editing and page optimisation

Why isn’t my site getting found on Google searches?

  • The bottom line in today’s website ranking competition is that ranking your site, organically, is more challenging than ever.
  • And Google Adwords costs are increasing drastically, on a daily basis, in response.
  • If you’re site isn’t top in field, and isn’t worthy — content quality wise and video and image rankings — you’ll never be found. Period.
  • But because organic SEO is hard to generate (natural traffic — organic visitors versus people who clicked on your Adwords/Google ads or Facebook ads), you’ll need to ensure three things:
    • That you continually keep your website fresh, fast and relevant — avoid broken links (404s) at all costs as they penalise your site traffic
    • That you SEO your content with the help of an expert content writer who knows your industry
    • That you train your administrative staff to use WordPress to make edits and basic SEO of blogs, pages and more

So what’s the solution to the competition that is the WHY of your website not being found on Google?

  • Today, you are most likely to need to pay for ads; as well as work on your organic ranking.
  • But it’s not an inexpensive or overnight job.
  • The solution is getting expert help and making that advertising expenditure count – this means A/B testing, great ads, and solid branding that is also up to date (if you haven’t rebranded in the last 4 years, consider yourself outdated).

Get in touch with Doctor My Web – a female-led content writing and SEO training organisation for your employees to learn to use WordPress and SEO pages at the basic level, and keep your company in the running. Phone +61 421 99 55 22. Online courses for WordPress and Content Editing, Blog Writing and SEO and Zoom or Skype or Facetime website editing coaching sessions available. 

  • Fees start at $290 USD for an online SEO/website editing course to
  • $600 to $2500 AUD excluding GST for a half-day in person training session for 1 to 2 people, depending on your existing knowledge. 
  • AdWord assistance via in-person Adword training costs $800 but is available only to people who completed the online digital course package ($129.95 for 10 hours of digital training) including passing the assessments for a Certificate of Completion.

Will Adword work? Is paying for AdWords worth it?

  • Yes, Adwords is well worth the expense BUT you must choose your keywords, phases and relevant content carefully.
  • Exclusions are just as important as what you include in terms of keywords/key phases — otherwise you’ll pay for irrelevant clicks.

Fact: If you choose the wrong ads, or fail to set up your adwords correctly, you’ll spend a fortune for useless clicks on your ads (dud leads who are looking for something entirely different to what you’re advertising, but you forgot to set the ‘negative’ Adwords criteria — or perhaps you went too broad on advertising keywords).


Is social media advertising effective, and what are the costs? 

Paying the costs of Google AdWords and advertisements on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) requires expert content writing, powerful images (getting your photos right), and lots of hands-on content writing and SEO effort to help you rank organically, as well, including on blogs.

It takes industry knowledge and competitor analysis, as well as serious S.W.O.T. discussions. It takes strategy and grunt.

That’s where expert content writers, who are also SEO experts and familiar with your industry, can really help you get your website back to health.

That noted, expect to pay a minimum of $70/month on Adwords if you’re a small business/sole proprietor and Adwords and social media ads could cost you up to $10,000 to $20,000, or more, if you’re a larger business in a very competitive field.

How to get started

Contact us on the form below or phone +61 421 99 55 22.

You must first complete the online digital course in order to gain our assistance, because it’s important that you understand the basics of computer technology BEFORE we begin.

The first place to start, once you have the basic knowledge about computers, website ranking and digital technology, is with a content writing plan and blog publishing plan that has built-in seo, so that your pages and services get seen. If you lack solid knowledge of how SEO works and why website ranking is so competitive, take the online course BEFORE you contact us (or any other content writing or web design company). This knowledge is imperative to avoid being ripped off and to maximise the outcomes of your advertising, website designs and content writing expenditures.

Ranking is more than adding content and keywords.

It’s more than keywords; you’ll also need a distribution plan. And it’s not as simple as some believe. That’s because in our digital world, you’re competing with 100,000 other websites wanting the same position — if not more. And chances are they do the same things you do, or use the same terms.  Google also changes its algorithms hundreds if not thousands of times a year. That means that what worked one day, or week, or month, needs to be constantly adjusted.

So what has your website stand out? Can you get seen, or should you just spend money on adwords?  The answer is, these are complex questions.

You probably actually need to invest in both your ad words/ad campaigns with Google; plus organic rankings.  Balance is key.

If you post no Google ads, you’ll miss out on a lot of business. If you have no organic ranking credentials, you’ll also miss out on that traffic. In today’s competitive environment, you need both organic cred and adword campaigns to succeed.

In today’s superbly competitive environment, you need both.

You need Doctor My Web content writing expertise with SEO.



Ripped off by your SEO company again?

Or is your website looking dated, with outdated web content and poorly formatted SEO?

  • It’s easy to have a dated website today.
  • That’s why you should never spend a fortune on a website.
  • It’s things like SPEED (page load speed, e.g. how quickly your site loads on the web browser), hosting servers (capacity and speed), that count.
  • It is the quality and stability of your server (the mothership computer) and cloud-based cache systems that has your latest web pages readily accessible to the public, and your updated web content findable.

That’s what’s really important on a website, along with your content appeal (conversion appeal) and SEO.

SEO is essentially Search Engine Optimisation (hence, S.E.O). It’s part of digital marketing, which has become a core – and sometimes expensive and confusing – business function that every person, sector and industry needs (with one exception: someone so famous for what they do, everyone knows WHO they are and HOW to reach them – usually through their agent or LinkedIn account).

If you choose your SEO, Digital Marketing Advisor and Content Writing Team carefully, you can avoid the headaches and fruitless expenses of taking the wrong route for website content writing. SO call us today on 0421995522 for high-quality content writing (valuable content) and honest, expert level SEO (optional for select industries only).

  • DOCTOR MY WEB is a female-led business founded by Connie May, MHST
  • She’s a computer skills trainer and SEO / WordPress content editing expert, professional content writer, senior content manager and frequent blogger (ghost blog writing) for numerous professionals, primarily in education, book publishing/author promotions, consumer awareness building, brand building, and health and wellness related fields.
  • She’s an expert digital marketing strategist and hands-on website content writer, video director and senior level SEO expert

Doctor My Web can help you solidify your digital marketing approaches to help you grow your education services, workshops, book sales and healthcare, medical services or dental practice businesses

Our guarantee:

  • Ethical, honest advice and reasonable pricing
  • Help understanding what MAY help your website get more traction and content-trust
  • Showing you what type of content can help you convert visitors to paying clients (conversion ratio improvements)
  • Basic training in SEO for your WordPress editing teams/administrators and staff/bloggers
  • Advanced knowledge of organic and paid rankings on Google search engines AND helping you understanding which directories you need to focus on
  • Social media advertising consulting – advertising expenses and Dos and Don’ts 
  • better ranking over time if you have a fast, modern website (simplified, not expensive) that you devote adequate resources into keeping up to date, fast loading and distributed with strategic care

Content Writing and Blogs: New Refreshing Content focused on your CLIENTS

Missing CLIENTS your business relies on? If you work in education and training, dentistry, beauty, cosmetic medicine, psychology and other healthcare, you already know how COMPETITIVE the market has become. That’s because large groups and overseas competitors are investing heavily in digital marketing. These groups are actively luring your clients away. Unless you combat their efforts with creative marketing approaches, and strategic engagement plans, you’re going to lose clients and business to global competitors and more marketing-savvy local ones.

Don’t fall behind – contact Doctor My Web today.


How much does website content writing cost?

The cost of content writing or new website content writing and page revisions begins at $2,600 AUD, excluding GST, for a uniquely SEO written 5 to 8 page website / content writing revision.

  • Blogs cost $170 to $250 AUD per blog including SEO if you have DoctorMyWeb upload the blog.
  • Blog-writing discount package of 4 blogs over 4-6 weeks – Blog Writing Cost: $560 AUD excluding GST; paid in advance, and with your authorship (ghost blog writing).

Costs of ongoing SEO – should you choose to aim to improve your Google search page rankings and position, SEO and content management fees begin at $5,000 per month, with a minimum 8 month contract; of $40,000, payments are half down ($20,000) and remaining half due ($20,000) at 4 months for websites of up to 8 pages. Prices exclude GST.

Content management and blogs are directly written and/or overseen by education and HealthCare Content Writing / SEO website expert Connie May MHST, who has medical practice and healthcare research knowledge, author promotions/publications and e-book publishing expertise, and plain-language writing skills.

Wow, SEO costs a lot! Are there other options to get found?

  • The reason good content writing and SEO is so expensive is that it’s labour-intensive and an ongoing task.
  • However, you can rely on Adwords and advertising expenses alone.
  • These are also crucially important in your early website publishing and content distribution time frames.
  • It’s also less expensive to train your tech-savvy staff to make edits, which is an option for some companies.
  • Your chosen Admin/Editor MUST be:
    • tech-savvy AND
    • have taken the proper online training courses
    • including website editing and SEO training
    • before they embark on 1:1 training (ask us about the online courses or onsite group training)
  • Contact us for online courses and WordPress/SEO and content writing training details.


Or Call Connie May MHST on +61 421 99 55 22 today.

Plain Language Healthcare Content and Educational Writing for Patients, Doctors, Researchers and Academics

Want your products and services to be found, seen, heard about, contacted for buying — and purchased?

Get your healthcare website back to health. Call today before your business dwindles further and any web traffic you DO get, you lose.

Hire a professional writer and SEO expert to nurture your website content back to health.

You will need to allow at least 12 to 18 months of dedicated work if you want your site to function as a first place contender in the competitive health care field. Call us on +61 421 99 55 22


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