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Definition of SEO by SEO Experts (Search Engine Optimisation): 

SEO Definition: Search Engine Optimisation (or “SEO”) means website schema techniques and website content strategies that allow search engines to find your site, based on how you index (list or upload) your offerings including using keywords, tags, videos, photography, headers and alt tags. SEO abilities are some of the most sought after skills in digital marketing today. Popular search engines, such as Google, examine over 200 different signals on websites during ‘crawls’ — signals of the quality and relevance of the content in terms of what users (browsers) are seeking. Google very frequently updates its algorithms to give search engine users exactly what they’re seeking to find online. Read the blog “What does seo mean?” 

definition of SEO - 2020 Technical definitions

Frequent algorithm updates by Google and other search engines means this:

  • One day your website could be ranking very well, e.g. found in the top 1-4 spots with or without adwords during a keyword or key phrase search 
  • The next day you’ll be on page 2 or page 31 — or nowhere to be found, and these are actually about the same (page 2 is better than page 31, so long as you continue to move into a top level first page position — but overall, most neglected websites get less than 10 to 25 visits per week, if that).
  • If you’re not on page 1 of a Google search, your website is generally irrelevant — unless you’re extremely good at directing traffic to your website through other marketing channels (e.g. not a search engine but another method of engaging potential clients to visit your site).

So SEO is ANYTHING but simple…it’s a complex array of different content writing and back-end website techniques including relying on a fast page load speed, properly named file images and video links, and content deemed worthy of being shown in a search result.  

Technical terms and SEO for 2020

In fact, most websites and website owners have NO idea what SEO is, or who to hire.

So many have gotten ripped off by dodgy agencies with slick salespeople who then pass along the work to overloaded teams, most working in offshore offices in varying conditions.

Don’t let that be you! But that noted, SEO takes time (read my article: How long does SEO take to show effect? and Why isn’t my website on the first page of google yet?)

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