What are your contract terms and turn around times for content rewrites?

Short-term writing contracts for fresh content or revisions to existing content are usually performed in a 30 to 60 day window (90 to 120 days for very large projects of over 150 pages).  Course writing can be done in 3 to 7 days per Unit for simple courses, or up to 2 to 8 weeks for more complex educational pieces.

Book forwards also available for select Authors.


Do you fix other issues on my web?

We can advise you on problems such as server speed/page load speed and poor hosting solutions or web platform/web design problems. But these need to be fixed by your technical or website developer. We are the CONTENT writing and SEO/Marketing experts, not the website design team.

They are very different functions. You need both. We can give you some names to try, or oversee some of the fixes, but this is not included in normal content writing roles.

Above all, if you have poor content and faulty seo, you won’t get found, seen, read or heard. So content is crucial to your success and online presence. But so, too, is your web design and speed.

Gone are the days of expensive websites. Today, you need fast, simple, and easy to find. But the content had better be engaging, or you’ll lose the attention of a fickle customer in less than 7 seconds. That’s why your CONTENT is so important to conversions. And that means page content, author credibility, blogs and videos, done properly.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable writer(s) can help with preliminary questions.

Or order a brief website health check up review of content on a maximum 12 page website for $500 AUD (excluding GST).

Do you use WordPress?

Yes, WordPress is our preferred method.

Can you do ongoing SEO, Video scripts or e-newsletters?

Yes, ask us for a quote. We are happy to help you manage your monthly newsletters for a higher open rate; but be aware that email open rates are failing as the platforms are flooded with more companies using automation tactics to compete for business. You need a very strategic, multi-layered approach and a dedicated budget for digital marketing (or you will fail to meet your traffic and conversion goals).

Which areas of medicine, health care or dentistry are you familiar with? What authors have you worked with before?

Connie May has helped several authors with book editing and book promotions, including Dr Darden and several authors who she has helped as a ghost-writer (meaning confidentiality prohibits disclosure).

Her experience in direct marketing and digital marketing in healthcare includes the following specialty areas:

  • Database Management
  • Social Media for health care services for groups and individual practitioners
  • Mixed-Media Marketing and Automation
  • Nuclear Medicine / Cancer Research (Reporting/Database and Health Research Consents, Ethic Proposals)
  • Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
  • Physiotherapy and Post-Grad Training Courses
  • Workshop Materials and Course Promotions
  • Instructional Design assistance and content writing
  • Pets and Vets
  • Video Scripts and background track designs

What is your guarantee for content writing and web advice?

Each client has unique needs for website content. Our guarantee is HONESTY in what we tell you, and easy-to-understand CLARIFICATION about what your site needs to succeed.

We do NOT guarantee you will be on the first page of Google but we DO guarantee you will see significant retention and ranking improvements so long as you follow all advice and strategic marketing plans to engage your clients or potential customers, readers, book buyers and patients. We also guarantee that timelines for writing, decided per contract, will be met so that you know when your new content will be ready. And it will be READABLE, not the poorly worded pages you’ll get when hiring cheap writers. In other words, use a professional writer for better value – not a hack.

How can I get a quote?

First, we only take clients we know are committed to doing the right thing on their websites, for their clients; and who recognise the multi-tiered approaches required to succeed in digital content marketing today. If you want our help, the best way to connect is to phone us on 0421995522 (note you MUST phone from a recognisable number, or leave a detailed message, as we do not answer calls from phones who do not list their actual phone ID or who are not a recognisable phone number). We’ll have a 10 minute discussion about your needs, while I look your website up on the web, and make an initial assessment on your website project and needs (e.g., is this a fit for you and us, or not?). Then, if it sounds like a match, we’ll arrange to meet over a coffee to discuss what you need, and how much it might cost. Following this discussion, a formal quote can be prepared (you’ll get a ballpark figure over coffee, however). In general, website rewrites range in the $2000 to $4000 range for most clients, with no extra adds or technical fix issues.That writing will be professionally SEO’d and then your SEO team can take over; or you can hire us if you prefer (ongoing SEO is at least $20,000/year for most sites, up to $35,000/$45,000 a year. We also limit capacity as we believe most agencies take on too many clients to properly serve them – that’s not US. We’re careful who we select.) But this saves your ADMIN team from pulling their hair out from overload – and we know what we’re doing, so YOU can get back to doing what YOU do best!



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