Website Content Writing Samples

  • Want a sample of content writing, specific to your book or industry?
  • Visit my LinkedIn BIO page.
  • Send me a request using the contact form, and I’ll return industry-relevant samples in 3 to 4 days’ time.
  • Or pay for a sample page rewrite on your website ($300 each page when done individually, which includes 2 licenced images and fresh SEOd page content or a new blog).

Medical, Surgical and Dental Marketing – plain language content writing with a twist….creative engagement!

  • Putting your clients in the centre seat of your website experience
  • SEO, engaging and refreshing content focused on your clients’ needs¬†
  • Plain language for education resources, medical sites, and healthcare information
  • Complex information is written in plain language to expand readership and research distribution

Health Care, Education, Publications and Workshop Promotions

Best Practice Video Campaigns for Dentists, Doctors, Surgeons & Health Care Professionals and Education Institutes


Product / Service Categories

Website Content Assessments and Reports; Strategy Advice

  • We review your website, point out gaps in client experiences “Cx” (user experiences or “Ux”), and
  • Teach you how to maximise your domain and website content for gaining more visitors and more engagement with your digital resources.

Getting you attention (audience), clients (leads) and buyers (converted leads) in an increasingly crowded digital marketplace!

We increase organic traffic to bring authors, professional speakers, healthcare groups, RTOs and Universities more leads.

  • We help your clients understand what differentiates you from your medical or healthcare or dental competitors.
  • You will learn how important proper health care and dental SEO strategies ARE to keeping your clinic in front.
  • Prevent client attrition and gain more clients with organic content and multi-layered digital strategies.

Details on our home page.



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