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Has your Health Care or Dental Website Flat-lined?

If your website has flatlined in traffic or is out of date, if your leads or patient calls are down OR your patient numbers are suffering from attrition, chances are your team needs help.

  • It’s ludicrous to believe that a busy medical or dental office team or Practice Manager can suddenly add digital marketing, website updates, blogs, e-newsletters, events and social media – even AdWords – to their busy days.
  • In fact, that’s the number one reason why so many medical practices or dental clinics fail.
  • They haven’t come to terms with the fact the digital revolution means they need specialised experts in digital engagement JUST to stay alive in business.
  • With more than 75% of consumers using digital search to find businesses and health care and dental practitioners, rather than word of mouth, you can’t afford to fall behind your competition.

But this is true in nearly ALL businesses these days. Especially service businesses, training and education institutes/Universities, fashion products, product sales and more.

You need website content and seo expertise and an engagement strategy that works, just to survive, yet alone grow your business!

Sustainability requires digital marketing, content writing and SEO expertise – a highly specialised field of patient engagement and attrition prevention. You get back what you put into it, if you choose your content help and website SEO help carefully.

Web content reviews or web page revisions

  • Helping you understand what website experience gaps are losing your business, and
  • How to optimise your future content for better digital marketing results, and
  • How to gain new leads while retaining existing clients
  • Digital savvy training for CEOs, Managers and Personnel — and administrative personnel wanting to enter Digital Marketing employment

Digital Marketing Strategies and Hands-On Implementation by Health Care Sector Experts

We can help your team plan your annual marketing calendar to capitalise on unique promotional opportunities all year round.

Images, Videos, Scripts, Directing and Production and Distribution (Medical, Dental, Surgical, Doctors)

We can help you source original images, photographers, video producers, stock images and more.

  • We can help you with your video campaigns, from scratch or ad hoc (Directing, Music selection) and are especially talented in tight script writing for 30 second to 60 second videos – the new golden standard of videos.
  • Our expertise is in scripting, creative messaging, branding, clinic introductions, team Bios and Team Introductions, educational videos, informational patient stories and Facebook or television ad campaign designs.


Next Steps…Get your Clinic, Business or Community Group website up to date with fresh, properly SEOd content including blogs, graphics, photographs, e-Books and videos.

  • Phone Connie May MHST on +61 421 99 55 22  to arrange a consultation meeting to discuss your website needs, content ideas, SEO concerns and more.
  • We are honest, ethical and dedicated content strategy specialists with a track record in increasing visits and in growing a loyal patient base.

VIDEO project management Package.

Four short videos including creating/updating your Youtube Channel, an e-newsletter template design in Mailchimp, and uploading your Videos using proper tags, titles, descriptions, images and other SEO data including cross-channel marketing suggestions.

  • Contact us for a quote.
  • This video production package for 4 short commercials, all-inclusive, costs from $10,000 and up excluding GST.
  • It includes original scripting, casting, filming, production, uploading and creation of 3 marketing pieces to help you distribute the video across your social media channels and business networking platforms.

Smaller video projects may be possible (starting from $2500). 

Ask us for details. 

Need a video script but want to film it yourself?

  • VIDEO scripts, as a single 30-second to 3-minute video, cost $500 AUD exclusive of GST.
  • Directing fees are $500 for 3 hours not including video script writing fees ($700 directing fees for a 6-hour filming day).

All prices are estimates only and do not include GST.

Call us or email us for a specific quote. Phone 0421 99 55 22