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Need a Medical Content Writer or Digital Marketing Expert? We can help you get your website back to health.

Connie May, B.S. in Business Administration Marketing (UTD) and a Masters in Health Studies (MHST) from the University of Queensland (UQ), is a Strategic Content Expert.

She has proven marketing expertise in Strategic Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and content writing. From funnel writing to social media campaigns to book distributions, she and her team can help you reach your ideal market — and convert them into loyal customers and clients.

Her main objective is to help business owners and marketing teams understand SEO and content writing essentials — to help end their confusion and empower them to use their resources wisely, for business growth or book distribution.

  • She offers online courses for CEOs and their administrative/marketing teams, small-group training courses (online), and 1:1 CEO training in Digital Marketing basics.
  • These courses provide easy-to-understand foundational knowledge for anyone struggling to understand digital marketing essentials in modern markets; and who want to get their websites FOUND.

These training courses are a MUST ATTEND for business owners and authors/book writers who otherwise fail to generate traffic, who lose sales to the point their business becomes unstable (or unsustainable), and who otherwise hire content writers and SEO agencies who charge a lot, but delivery ‘vaguely recognizable results’ — if any.

She also offers high-end content writing servicespublic relations, and publication promotion services specifically to authors, academics, healthcare practitioners, education providers, other service providers, and health care or well-being product sales teams.

Connie May’s passion is to help others improve population health, community well-being, and service excellence.
She is also passionate about projects relating to literacy and book promotions, documentary video scripts and soundtracks, and visual communications for audience engagement.


  • Video scriptwriting for promotional pieces and creative documentaries
  • Original music development for brief commericial videos
  • Powerful photographic images and blogs to help sell your books
  • Branding consistency and promotional media
  • Template development for consistent external communications
  • Public safety campaigns and community-awareness building
  • Excellence in healthcare or medical service delivery

Need website help? You’re not alone.

  • Up to 78% of business owners surveyed state they feel their website has ‘never been up to par’ in terms of content, functionality, or speed.
  • The fact is that it is increasingly difficult to stay up-to-date in a rapidly-moving marketplace.
  • Digital competition is steep, and it’s challenging to get ‘found’. 
  • But ignoring your digital presence is the quickest pathway to business failure.
  • And YOUR business doesn’t have to end this way.
  • Your books don’t need to stay under the bed gathering dust – let us help you promote, market and distribute them.

Let us help you get seen, heard and found.

How to know if you need content writing expertise and digital marketing help for your website.

Crappy content?   Inconsistent, or non-existent, SEO?

Is your WEBSITE suffering from:

  • Lack of traffic? (Too few visitors and/or a recent decline in site visits?)
  • Invisibility to consumers? (No one knows you’re actually there, and you NEVER come up in searches?)
  • Poor conversion rates? (if a client does visit your site, they leave without buying)?
  • A high website bounce rate? (Meaning visitors click on, then off, your site)
  • A lack of writing pizzazz? (It’s all about you and your accomplishments rather than your client? Or you sound like you haven’t updated your content since 2017…or nearly a decade ago?)
  • Invisibility and poor ranking on Google searches? 
  • Really outdated content including prices, staff, and more?
  • No recent blogs, if any at all? Or poorly written blogs?
  • Inconsistent branding, including dated images and content?

Education, Books, Videos, Medical / Healthcare and Counselling Website Help 

Content writing and videos

  • Our primary goal is to help you become better informed about the requirements for digital marketing, and how to avoid wasting resources on things that will never help you reach your goals
  • Our Content Writing experts can also help you directly with writing or revising your website content so that it gets found in website searches
  • We can also guide you on how to make the most of any new video materials you’re wanting to create

From content updates to campaign designs to script-writing, filming, producing, and distribution, we’ve got your content covered!

  • We are a company with a small, personal service team so you will never feel like ‘just a number’.
  • And you — and your account — will never be handed down to a junior staff member (or overseas writer) trying to juggle content for 15 to 50 clients at once, with little knowledge of your industry and offerings.

Stop getting ripped off by unscrupulous SEO agencies and give us a call instead.  Phone +61 421 99 55 22 (0421995522).

Is your website D.O.A. – dead on arrival, or web-dead on the table?

Is your content so dated that it needs CPR to breathe again?
Reviving a website’s content and readability isn’t easy…. but it can be done by content writing experts, who fully understand strategic content, page SEO and the value of regular blog publishing.
  • Personal assistance from a female-led SEO and content writing company
  • Plus short training courses for CEOs and Administrative staff on WordPress editing and essential SEO strategies 
  • Online course options or virtual live-streamed options; in-person training depending on your location

We dedicate our expertise, content ideas, blogs, digital marketing expertise and related resources to getting your website from ‘dead on the table’ to running in the search engine results marathon near the top of the pack.

Is it time to lose your current domain?

Should you start with a whole new website or stick with the domain you have?

Do you feel it’s not ranking because of your name, search-engine penalties, or branding? 

  • What’s in a name?
  • Could it be your URL? Your lack of branding?
  • Or is the problem your inconsistent communications and a lack of steadily applied marketing efforts?

Often a poor ranking position in internet searches is caused by a combination of factors. It can vary from business to business, industry to industry, and website to website. But it can be fixed…it just takes time, effort, and extremely strategic content management.

Sometimes, we’ll recommend starting COMPLETELY over with a new domain name and new content; but it depends on many factors.

  • It depends on where you’re at currently — and where you’re wanting to be in terms of business growth and digital communications.
  • It depends on what you’re trying to achieve in terms of recognition, branding, and consumer engagement — and what your existing website is like.

If you need to be seen, heard, found, and hired (or bought), we’re the people to call upon to help you get your content updated and findable in searches (findable by search engines).

   “No, your admin can’t do EVERYTHING. 

    “And updating a website is a time-intensive, technically-savvy task. SEO today is at a PhD level skillset. So don’t expect just anyone to be able to get your website, books and videos seen (found), read, watched, or converted into a loyal audience (and sales). ”  Connie May MHST – Public Relations for Authors, Thought-Leaders and Healthcare Professionals  

But if you want to train your WordPress site administrator (or office administrator) to do minor edits, blogging and SEO, we can help.

And if you’re content really needs revising, we can help.

New content writing or content revision fees start at $2500 to $3500 (excluding GST) per 8-page website (content only, including SEO). For photos, add $15 extra per licenced photo or supply your own licenced images. We also offer proprietary photography sessions at your site (depending on the location). Ask us for photography quotes – we’re a lot less expensive than those outrageously-priced ‘corporate photographers’.


We understand employee time pressures. So we teach them shortcuts.  

  • Our courses empower your Administrative or Marketing Personnel to understand what’s actually required to effectively implement a powerful digital marketing plan.
  • We can help CEOs and sole proprietors understand the REAL resource allocations required for positive website experiences, branding optimization, search engine placements in Google, and book sales.
  • Plus, we’re affordable…we’re not the cheapest content writers on the market, yet we give excellent value for our content creation fees.
  • You choose the level of investment and we’ll make magic happen (there is a minimum of course, as genuine expertise in digital marketing, and strategic content management does not come at bottom-of-the-barrel prices).
  • So we offer a great service for a fair price.
  • Plus, we empower CEOs to understand what’s required, and where the gaps are on their websites.
  • And we’re passionate about helping female CEOs and other small business owners of all genders.


Expert Content Writer, Digital Marketing Manager, Video Scripts Writer/Director, and Video Producer – for ultimate gains in Digital Marketing and Website Content Updates (Conversion improvements).

Who is Connie May, MHST?  Education and Qualifications


Connie is a Strategic Content Writer and Educator, with 8+ years of Digital Marketing Expertise.

She’s an expert in helping CEOs and small business owners refine their website content, SEO “findability” in search engine queries, and user experiences (Ux) to attract, retain, and convert website visitors (‘traffic’) to ‘loyal’ clients and highly satisfied consumers.

She can rewrite your website content to be more client-friendly and consumer-focused. Her skills include plain-language writing of complex topics, including technology changes, promotional pieces for publications, medical treatment summaries, and healthcare education materials.

Content Writer and Senior SEO Expert, Connie May, MHST, is also savvy with medical and dental advertising laws prohibiting mentioning prescription medications including cosmetic injections or alternative medication regimes.

Expert Content Writing can set your Business Apart from Competitors around the Globe

  • Connie can show you how to reach your desired clients, readers, and consumers (‘buyers’) with appealing content writing, images, videos, and branding.
  • Using plain language, persuasive content writing, her website content strategies highlight WHY web visitors should choose YOU, and YOU ALONE, instead of your competitors.

Education and qualifications of Connie May MHST

Connie is passionate about enabling global change-makers — such as Authors/writers, educators, scientists, researchers, life coaches, healthcare providers, podcast presenters and filmmakers — to communicate more powerfully (and more profitably) with their clients.

Her passion is to help you improve consumer awareness of:

  • services and products that have a positive influence on public health and community well-being
  • academic and clinical research findings (translations, case studies, white paper report writing, and distribution)
  • e-books and other publications
  • speaking skills
  • key products and services 
  • book promotions

Visit Creative Content Writing Expert Connie May MHST’s LINKEDIN profile.

For authors, professional speakers, education providers, and clinical practices, her focus is typically on five (5) key aspects:

  1. Upskilling the Author, practitioner or proprietor to understand what marketing – today — DOES and DOESN’T require
  2. Reaching new clients, readers, members and/or clinical patients via digital means
  3. Inviting potential readers or service/product purchasers to choose YOUR offerings, instead of your competitors’ offerings
  4. Modernizing the look, content, writing style and feel of your website so that clients enjoy it and STAY, READ, LISTEN, VIEW and/or BUY (your books, course, videos, songs, and more)
  5. Advising clients on blogging, e-newsletters, mail-outs and video productions, including distribution strategies for content

She will also help you discover where your lost opportunities are, with growing your business, so that you can rethink your methods for taking advantage of them.  Reinventing yourself, solidifying your differentiation points and keeping your brand first in mind are CRUCIAL in today’s super-competitive markets.

When should I expect to see SEO results with new content – when will I start to rank in Google searches?

It typically takes 12 to 18 months to see ranking results once you start your website on the journey to becoming a fast-running athlete with the hope of coming in on the first page of a search engine query.

  • This is why you need expert help TODAY.
  • The longer you delay, the further behind in the marathon you’ll become.
  • Remember, if you’re not ranking on the first page of Google, you’re not ranking at all in the consumer’s viewpoint.
  • But most training organizations, service providers, and healthcare clinics need a more thorough marketing strategy than just SEO alone.
  • Today you need a strategic approach to business growth because your competition — and the need for sustainable website engagement — is more daunting than ever.

Getting ripped off by your SEO company?  Don’t let it happen to you again.

  • Call Connie May MHST on +61 421 99 55 22 today.
  • Be sure you leave a call back number, the nature of your call, and a good time to call you back.

But why simply guess what your website needs – or how to market what you’re offering?

Use an expert who understands your offerings, your clients/readers, and your sector.

Next Steps…

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