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Need a Medical Content Writing or Digital Marketing Expert? We can help you get your website back to health.

Is your WEBSITE suffering from:

  • Lack of traffic? (Too few visitors and/or a recent decline in site visits?)
  • Invisibility to consumers? (No one knows you’re there?)
  • Poor conversion rates? (if a client does visit your site, they leave without buying)?
  • A lack of writing pizzazz? (It’s all about you and your accomplishments rather than your client? Or you sound like you haven’t updated your content since 2012?)
  • Poor ranking on Google searches? 
  • Really outdated content including prices, staff and more?
  • No recent blogs, if any at all?

Education, Books, Videos, Medical / Healthcare and Counselling Website Help 

Content writing and videos

  • Our Content Writing experts can help you with your website content.
  • We can also guide you on how to make the most of any new video materials you’re wanting to create, from campaign designs to filming, producing and distribution.

We are a company with a small, personal service team so that you don’t feel like a number.

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Is your website DEAD on the table?

Is your content so dated that it needs CPR to breath again? Reviving a website’s content and readability isn’t easy…. but it can be done by content writing experts, who understand SEO and the value of blogging.
  • One-off courses for your administrative staff on WordPress editing and basic SEO (training courses)
  • Online course options
  • Personal assistance from a female-led SEO and content writing company

We dedicate our expertise, content ideas, blogs, digital marketing expertise and related resources to getting your website from ‘dead on the table’ to running in the search engine results marathon near the top of the pack.

Lose your domain? Or feel it’s not ranking because of your name, search-engine penalties or branding? 

  • Sometimes, we’ll recommend starting COMPLETELY over with a new domain name and new content.
  • It depends on what you’re trying to achieve in terms of recognition, branding and consumer engagement — and what the existing website is like.
  • If you need to be seen, heard, found and hired (or bought), we’re the people to call upon to help you get your content updated and findable in searches (findable by search engines).

No, your admin can’t do EVERYTHING.  And updating a website is a time-intensive, technically-savvy task.

But if you want to train your WordPress site administrator (or office administrator) to do minor edits, blogging and SEO, we can help.


We understand employee time pressures, so we teach them shortcuts.

  • We help owners understand the resource allocations required for positive website experiences, branding optimisation and sales.
  • Plus, we’re affordable.
  • You choose the level of investment and we’ll make magic happen (there is a minimum of course, as expertise does not come cheaply).


Expert Content Writer, Digital Marketing Manager, Video Scripts Writer/Director and Video Producer – for ultimate gains in Digital Marketing and Website Content Updates (Conversion improvements).

Who is Connie May, MHST?  Education and Qualifications


Connie is an expert at refining your website content, SEO “findability” and user experience.

She can rewrite your medical, clinic-focused content to be more consumer friendly, including plain-language medical summaries and health care treatment education materials.

Content Writer and Senior SEO Expert, Connie May, MHST, is savvy with medical and dental advertising laws and Australian TGA laws prohibiting mentioning of prescription medications such as cosmetic injections, and she knows how to reach your audience with plain language, appealing writing to highlight why they should see YOU and not your competitor down the street (or worse yet, overseas with international tourism).

Education and qualifications of Connie May MHST

Connie is passionate about enabling one-generation change-makers, authors, educators, scientists, researchers, counsellors/coaches and healthcare providers to learn to communicate more powerfully, and profitably, with their clients.

For authors, professional speakers, RTOs and clinical practices, her focus is typically on four aspects:

  • Reaching new clients, readers, members and/or clinical patients via digital means
  • Inviting leads (persuasively) to choose YOU instead of your competitors or other purchase options
  • Modernising the look, content, writing style and ‘feel’ of your website so that clients enjoy it and STAY and/or BUY
  • Advising clients on blogging, e-newsletters, mail-outs and video productions, including distribution strategies for content

She will also help you discover where your lost opportunities are, with growing your business, so that you can rethink your methods for taking advantage of them.  Reinventing yourself, solidifying your differentiation points and keeping your brand first in mind are CRUCIAL in today’s super-competitive markets.

When should I expect to see SEO results with new content – when will I start to rank in Google searches?

It typically takes 12 to 18 months to see ranking results once you start your website on the journey to becoming a fast-running athlete with a hope of coming in on the first page of a search engine query.

  • This is why you need expert help TODAY.
  • The longer you delay, the further behind in the marathon you’ll become.
  • Remember, if you’re not ranking on the first page of google, you’re not ranking at all in the consumer’s viewpoint.
  • But most training organisations, service providers and healthcare clinics need a more thorough marketing strategy than just SEO alone.
  • Today you need a strategic approach to business growth because your competition — and the need for sustainable website engagement — is more daunting than ever.

Getting ripped off by your SEO company?  Don’t let it happen to you again.

  • Call Connie May MHST on +61 421 99 55 22 today.
  • Be sure you leave a call back number, the nature of your call, and a good time to call you back.

But why guess what your website needs?


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