Why isn’t my site showing up on Google searches?

Why isn’t my site getting found on Google searches?

  • The bottom line in today’s website ranking competition is that ranking your site, organically, is more challenging than ever.
  • And Google Adwords costs are increasing drastically, on a daily basis, in response.
  • If your site isn’t top in your field — if it isn’t worthy — you’ll never be found. Period.
  • And by worthy, I mean quality content that readers stop to read, watch or listen to; video links, image rankings, and snippet answers to FAQs.-

But because organic SEO is hard to generate (natural traffic — organic visitors versus people who clicked on your Adwords/Google ads or Facebook ads), you’ll need to ensure three things:

  • That you continually keep your website fresh, fast and relevant — avoid broken links (404s) at all costs as they penalize your site traffic
  • That you SEO your content with the help of an expert content writer who knows your industry
  • That you train your administrative staff to use WordPress to make edits and basic SEO of blogs, pages and more

So what’s the solution to the competition that is the WHY of your website not being found on Google?

  • Today, you are most likely to need to pay for ads; as well as work on your organic ranking.
  • But it’s not an inexpensive or overnight job.
  • The solution is getting expert help and making that advertising expenditure count – this means A/B testing, great ads, and solid branding that is also up to date.

If you haven’t rebranded completely in the last 4 years, consider yourself outdated).

Get in touch with Doctor My Web – a female-led content writing and SEO training organization for your employees to learn to use WordPress and SEO pages at the basic level, and keep your company in the running. Phone +61 421 99 55 22. Online courses for WordPress and Content Editing, Blog Writing and SEO, and Zoom or Skype or Facetime website editing coaching sessions available. 

  • Fees start at $290 USD for an online SEO/website editing course 
  • Live-streamed small-group courses are $300 per person, for 2 two-hour sessions, 1 week apart (4 hours of live-streamed training).
  • Fees for private tutoring on SEO and digital marketing – $600 to $2500 AUD per 4 to 6 hour training day, excluding GST, for in-person or live-streamed SEO training session for 1 to 2 people, depending on your existing knowledge (pre-requisite – the online CEO-SEO basics course). 
  • AdWord assistance via in-person Adword training costs $800 per 2 two-hour consultations; available only to people who completed the online digital course package, including passing the assessments for a Certificate of Completion.

Will Adword work? Is paying for AdWords worth it?

  • Yes, Adwords is well worth the expense BUT you must choose your keywords, phrases and relevant content carefully.
  • Exclusions are just as important as what you include in terms of keywords/key phases — otherwise, you’ll pay for irrelevant clicks.

Fact: If you choose the wrong ads, or fail to set up your Adwords correctly, you’ll spend a fortune for useless clicks on your ads (dud leads who are looking for something entirely different to what you’re advertising, but you forgot to set the ‘negative’ Adwords criteria — or perhaps you went too broad on advertising keywords).


Is social media advertising effective, and what are the costs? 

Paying the costs of Google AdWords and advertisements on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) requires expert content writing, powerful images (getting your photos right), and lots of hands-on content writing and SEO effort to help you rank organically, as well, including on blogs.

It takes industry knowledge and competitor analysis, as well as serious S.W.O.T. discussions. It takes strategy and grunt.

That’s where expert content writers, who are also SEO experts and familiar with your industry, can really help you get your website back to health.

That noted, expect to pay a minimum of $70/month on Adwords if you’re a small business/sole proprietor.

And Adwords and social media ads could cost you up to $10,000 to $20,000, or far more per month — if you’re a larger business in a competitive field (example: Elective Surgery).

How to get started

Contact us on the form below or phone +61 421 99 55 22.

You must first complete the online digital course in order to gain our assistance because it’s important that you understand the basics of computer technology BEFORE we begin.

The first place to start, once you have the basic knowledge about computers, website ranking and digital technology, is with a content writing plan and blog publishing plan that has built-in seo, so that your pages and services get seen. If you lack solid knowledge of how SEO works and why website ranking is so competitive, take the online course BEFORE you contact us (or any other content writing or web design company). This knowledge is imperative to avoid being ripped off and to maximise the outcomes of your advertising, website designs and content writing expenditures.

Getting your site to show up in searches is more than simply adding content, a few stock images, and some keywords.

It’s more than keywords; and it’s a much more sophisticated artform than it ever was.

Google looks at over 200 signals when it decides what to show in a search result.

And their algorithms are changing hundred of times a year.

So you need to be savvy, stay up to date, and get good content written or created. But you’ll also need a distribution plan.

It’s not as simple as some believe.

That’s because in the digitally-competitive world, you’re competing with 100,000 other websites wanting the same position — if not more.

And chances are they do the same things you do, or use the same terms.  Google also changes its algorithms many times each year, sometimes in very significant ways.

That means that what worked one day, or week, or month, needs to be constantly adjusted to what works this month, this week, today, this hour.

So what has your website standing out amongst the crowd?

Can you get seen, or should you just spend money on Adwords?  The answer is, these are complex questions.

You probably actually need to invest in both your ad words/ad campaigns with Google; plus organic rankings.  Balance is key.

If you post no Google ads, you’ll miss out on a lot of business. If you have no organic ranking credentials, you’ll also miss out on that traffic. In today’s competitive environment, you need both organic cred and adword campaigns to succeed.

In today’s superbly competitive environment, you need both.

So contact us for help with you overall SEO training and knowledge — so you don’t get ripped off again; and for content writing that counts.